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Announcing the YouJustGetMe Close-Knit Contest!

Here’s how the holiday fun goes down: Step 1: You refer 3 new people – family, close friends, anyone who you think know each other well – to A few helpful hints: post your YouJustGetMe URL to your Facebook or Twitter to get your friends on board.  Step 2: All 4 of you guess for each other’s profiles. The easiest way to do this is to copy your profile URL from your YouJustGetMe homepage, and email each other with the links. Step 3: Send an email to with your username and the usernames of the 3 people you referred. We’ll take it from there!   The YouJustGetMe team will scour the results to find the group that has the highest average match percentage – or, phrased another way, we’ll use the data to find out which group “gets” each other the most. Each member of the “winning” group will receive a $50 gift certificate to and a super-suave personalized YouJustGetMe mug, featuring your bubble graph and profile URL! Worried that your family and friends just won’t get you? Give it the ol’ college try anyway – we’ll also pick three random entries to receive a personalized YouJustGetMe mug too!

Some things to keep in mind: the people you refer must be new to YouJustGetMe, so get out there and invite some new folks! We base our decision off of the average of all 4 of your guesses with each other, so make sure that all of you guess each other before you mail us. Is your husband, mother, or nosy Aunt Dorothy already on YouJustGetMe? Don’t worry, you can include them in your group even if you’ve already guessed each other – it is the holiday, after all, and we can be generous. However, each group must include a minimum of 2 new users.

My link is at


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