This blog is all about me, Carl Webb.

I’m a Marxist that spends a lot of time protesting the war but I’m also against every other aspect of US imperialism.

My political thinking is based on socialist theory and I try to stay aware of and involved in political activism. But here’s the first bit of irony and crisis: I was a Marxist Leninist Trotskyist stranded in Austin, TX. But in an attempt to avoid hunger and homelessness I joined the Texas Army National Guard as a combat medic. And the timing was great ( 3 weeks before the 9-11 terrorist incident ). My unit was called up. So I had to find a way to avoid participating in the murderous slaughter in Iraq. Crisis #2 is my love life or lack of one. In addition to being on the extreme far left I’m also polyamorous which means I believe in having multiple relationships. Since most people claim to put monogamy on the high ground of morality I’m not too popular. But I have to be true to myself. Crisis #3 is my total alienation from corporate health care. So much so that I’d like to find another occupation. But I’ve decided to hang in there a little longer. I’m also thinking of becoming a teacher. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA but left in 1982 when I joined the military.

I was one of the first soldiers to go public with their resistance to the Iraq War. Iraq Veterans Against the War formed in July 2004 which was the same month I was told I’d be going to Iraq. I became an IVAW member some months later.

I gave interviews to newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations. I stayed on the East Coast until Hurricane Katrina forced me back down south to look for my missing family in New Orleans. After about two years of desertion I was kicked out of the military. I think my decision to go public with my struggle helped to pressure the military to release me in August 2006. While I was on the run in Tennessee someone made a video that was sent to Amy Goodman and she invited me to be on her [Democracy Now!] TV show. So on March 15, 2005, just before the protest of the third year of the war, I was on a show called Three U.S. Soldiers Refusing to Fight Speak Out Against the Iraq War. She had me on again about six months later for a show called Missing in New Orleans: Voices of Those Seeking Loved Ones. The video that was made by MonkeyRay Productions while I was on the run in Tennessee is now on KLRU’s Docubloggers which is a video blog on our local PBS station’s website in Austin. I hope to be an example for others.


2 Responses to “This blog is all about me, Carl Webb.”

  1. sara Says:

    Did you get the job? I ran into you at an employer processing session. No job for me after all that waiting. What about you?

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