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Twitter, Facebook, and social activism:

September 30, 2010

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism:

Annals of Innovation

Small Change

Why the revolution will not be tweeted.

by Malcolm Gladwell

Social media can’t provide what social change has always required.

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Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour (#BATHH) in Austin, TX

August 16, 2010

Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour (#BATHH)

WHO: ANYONE in Austin (you don’t have to be on Twitter and we WANT you to invite your friends, seriously)!

WHAT: a fun happy hour, no cover, BYOW (bring your own wallet), come hang out and meet people, it’s just fun networking with no stupid games or commercial sponsors!

August 19th from 6:00pm until they kick us out!

WHERE: Union Park (see map below), we’ll have the places all to ourselves for thisprivate party– please RSVP ASAP! (Also, follow @UnionParkAustin and its kick assy owner @TheBodle)

BONUS: we memorialize each month’s happy hour with amazing photography and this month are blessed to have a photobooth with the amazing @AnnieRayDotNetand roving photography by the talented @MitchAhrens.

If you’ve never been to a Twitter happy hour or you’re new to town, you’re not alone!  Follow some of the people on Twitter who have already RSVPd to this invite (or everyone that came last month) and let us all know you’ve never been– we’ll look out for you!

#BATHH is just a simple non sponsored happy hour full of people that want to put faces to names and meet new people, so join us!!

February 28, 2010

The Big Gig Austin Initiative

We are residents and organizations allied in support of bringing the Google Fiber for Communities project to Austin.

Click on the Gigabit Internet project to read more about.